Ecotourism – True Green Travel

ecotourismCheck out this video on Eco-tourism. Ecotourism focuses on the discovery of a natural or wildlife habitat that maximizes local economic and social goals, while reducing the possibility of damage to the environment.  Want a unique vacation that continues to make an impact long after you’ve returned home?

Doesn’t it seem like everything is being called eco-friendly these days? Greenloons was founded based on the realization that consumers needed a better choice when it comes to understanding ecotourism. Greenloons cuts through the confusion by providing powerful, easy to use tools enabling you to select from a wide variety of true, high quality eco-vacation.

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Where to Get a Green Job

Looking for a green collared job? Check out this cool infographic below. Green jobs pay more and if you have a science degree you have a higher chance of getting a green job than if you do not. Jobs in the clean economy also pay more than traditional jobs. More green jobs are in manufacturing compared to overall jobs. That puts an added emphasis on made in America.

Where To Get A Green Job

by Column Five Media.
Explore more infographics like this one on Visually.
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Athletes get the compound to lose weight. However, experiments investigating an compound’s capability in obtaining rid of chest excess weight have formulated insufficient good results. However, the lack of issues has not prevented procedure from gathering popularity in people suffering from fat and gynecomastia. Although usually are multiple registered cases where this admired treatment may be a treatment for enlarged male breasts, there are the same as clinical challenges that reveal this outcomes.

Last and also the most the main thing is that, the Hcg weight loss plan plan isn’t recognized simply USDA, which be a huge cause of concern since doing this important physical doubts i would say the reliability with this weight passing away diet. Hence, one can tell that creating HCG drops for fat is probably not a terribly healthy method. When it appears to displacing weight, a few obvious methods many other great healthy reduction methods ready that are balanced dietary regime and best workouts.

Have amusement! Look for pretty, sexy, sweet styles your natural male will devotion. Remember, men don’t wear bras since have to, they wear them because they look pretty (and hopefully comfy too). Clean bras are not the kind of bras a man who really loves lingerie prefer. There are a wide range linked with styles and looks to case every natural male and mood, so you shouldn’t be afraid to play around and buying something new. Wearing a bra is all for breaking each of our mold but also taking a danger.

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Hava Hart Charging Station

The Havahart 1020 Live Animal trap is a humane mouse trap designed to catch mice in a safe way. This product is a little different than other traps as it is made out of metal instead of plastic. The good news about the metal is that it is rust resistant.  The mesh openings for this trap help prevent stolen bait and escaping. The trigger is on the outside, which makes escape impossible. The trap has two doors which are controlled by gravity. This allows the mouse to enter through either side. The sensitive trigger makes sure of quick and secure capture.

If you have a problem with other small animals besides mice, this is also good for that. Some mice got into my charging station so I had to send them away. The product is 3 x 3 x 10 inches and weighs one pound. Other animals it can catch include shrews and chipmunks. The mesh cage makes sure that the mouse lives by allowing excellent oxygen flow. It is designed to be simple. Just place peanut butter on an object like a cracker or toilet paper on the trigger and wait. After using it for a year, make sure to oil the trigger and other parts. Or else the mouse may escape with your bait and be free.

When you clean this trap, be careful. The walls of the cage can be bent with a little pressure. This can damage your trap permanently by preventing easy movement of the doors and bait-table. It is important to be careful when releasing it. Both doors open so make sure to hold the door closest to you closed or else the mice might run up your arm and scare you.

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Pure Fitness

The Pure Fitness Power Tower is a free standing pull up bar. It is designed with heavy duty steel framed. The muscles that it targets are back, chest, abs, and arms. You can do different variations of pushups, straight leg raises, dips, vertical knew raises, pull ups, chin ups and more. The item weighs 71 pounds and it is available only in the US. There have been a few known issues with shipping, as they have been known to send wrong parts. Thankfully, they have an excellent customer service department that will send out new parts overnight.

Pure Fitness manufactures this free standing pull up bar. It is made out steel along with plastic and polyester parts. The weight capacity for this equipment is 400 points and it is 7 feet tall. There is back support and handles for doing leg raises. You can also do dips on these handles. The design is aesthetically pleasing compared to other pull up bars.

Some common problems include the screws not being labeled so it may take some time to assemble. Other than that there is not much information on this product on the internet as compared to other major brands. The price of just under $200 is comparable to other pull up bars and these can also be found for as cheap s $165 online.

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Lost with Medicine

Last night marked the final episode of my favorite television show, Lost. Lost transcended television and engaged its audience like no other show in the history of entertainment. Lost became a phenomenon in which viewers questioned themes like faith, and writers alluded to philosophers and explored physics. Lost was smart. Lost was awesome. Lost is over.

vyvanse side effectsTo show tribute to the smartest show [once] on television, I will honor my favorite character, Sayid Jarrah. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of enjoying Lost, Sayid was a former Iraqi solider who specialized in what are the effects of adderall. While this may not be the best tactic for getting people to read your blog, Sayid can show us other blogging principles:

Being the unsung hero – I’m pretty sure I’m the only Lost fan who thought Sayid was the best character ever. While I loved his kick ass fighting style, and found his accent sexy, I also loved Sayid because he was the underdog. Loved by few, hated by many and feared by most, Sayid was always himself. Chances are, you’re not the most popular blogger on the block, but you could be. Be yourself, and enjoy being the underdog.

Good? Bad? If you’re a small business owner, I don’t recommend this tactic, but if you’re blogging for the sake of blogging and the hopes of fame and popularity, sometimes it helps to keep your audience guessing. Sayid was dangerous, and prone to violence because it was in his nature.

Sayid’s dichotomy of good and evil made him alluring. Sometimes it benefits you to keep your audience guessing.

Use your many skills. Sayid was part martial artist, part weapons specialist, part telecommunications genius, and he was also very loyal. He used all of his many skills to benefit himself, and for the greater good of the rest of the passengers on Oceanic Flight 815. Use all your skills for the good of your blog here.

There will never be a television show like Lost. A show that challenges its audience to think and react is a rare gem.Lost will be relevant for years to come, and will continue to teach us lessons for decades.

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DIY Solar Panels

Are you trying to live a green lifestyle and cut down on your carbon footprint? An easy way to do this is with the renewable energy system. This system allows you to build solar panels for your home or business, and make your own energy. Say goodbye to your electric company, and hello to running your home on the sun’s rays of natural energy. Building your own panels is also green, as you are making customized panels sized perfectly for your needs. You won’t be wasting resources, or paying someone else $20,000 for your panels.

An alternative to shelling out thousands of dollars on solar panels is to instead build diy solar panels. To build one you should have your own tools. Any regular table saw should get the job done and save you lots of money. table saws   Save up to 90% off what a professionally made panel will cost, and enjoy the same electricity saving benefits. Homemade solar panels do the exact same thing as store bought panels, they even look the same. The only difference is the cost of the products, and that you had to put some minor elbow grease into the project. Many people are intimidated when thinking about building solar panels at home, but the truth is that the process is quite simple here . An added benefit on top of saving close to $20,000 is that your panels will be customized to your needed specifications.

Doing something great for the Earth is also great for you and your pocket book. Power companies are greedy, and many do not care where their power comes from. Harmful gases and chemicals are released into the Earth’s atmosphere, pollution our air and making us all sick. Solar power panels are the complete opposite. You turn the sun’s heat into power for your home, and there is nothing negative released back into the atmosphere. Once you use electricity from a power company it is gone and cannot be replaced. The sun’s rays are natural and renewable, and will always be there to power your home.

Many people are building diy solar panels to cut electricity costs and help the environment. Solar panels are a green alternative to the harmful electricity sold by the electric companies. The more electricity you use that is soaked up form the sun, the less electricity you buy from the big money hungry power companies. A smaller home will need smaller panels, and with a larger home you have the option to build yourself larger panels. You get to choose the size you need, and build them quickly and easily from scratch.

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Crazy SEXY Diet

Over my short Christmas break at home with my family, I had some extra time on my hands, and decided to jump into a book by a woman I most admire: Kris Carr.  Kris has been managing her cancer with an alkalizing, raw, vegan diet for 7+ years. Kris, along with her “posse of experts”, wrote an incredible book about this way of eating and called it Crazy Sexy Diet.


Screen shot 2011-01-10 at 8.48.45 PM


I’m about halfway through this book so far, but I couldn’t wait to finish it before sharing my thoughts with you.

Why I’m loving Crazy Sexy Diet

  • This book is easy to understand – everything is written as if you’re starting from zero.
  • It is divided into textbook-like sections. This isn’t a straight-shot read. You could read 1-2 sections, learn way more than you knew before, return to the book a few days later, and read a few more sections.
  • Valuable information (some sections are written by M.D.’s) is presented in an approachable manner.
  • The book is very colorful, bright and FUN.
  • It doesn’t push raw veganism on you. It’s more like, here’s what we know and want to share – you do with it what you choose.
  • A lot of this information is not news to me – I’ve read a lot of it before. But whether I’m learning new stuff or it is a review, I love reading books like this because they reinvigorate my commitment to myself.

What I’d change about Crazy Sexy Diet

  • The title. Using the word “diet” in the title of any publication makes it seem like a quick-fix. This book is not a quick fix. It is about a lifestyle change with a goal of overall health – mind, body, spirit, planet.
  • The tone of the writing makes this book seem is solely geared toward women, and I don’t think it would be appealing to the average male. However, if the guy is open-minded and doesn’t mind the feminine flare, he will get a lot out of this book.

What’s happened since I started reading Crazy Sexy Diet

  • I’ve naturally started to go back toward raw (or high row) foods for breakfast, lunch and snacks. No pressure, it’s just what I’ve found myself gravitating toward. This means more fresh juice, smoothies, veggie snacks, and raw crackers/cookies/granola. Dinner has consisted of raw to cooked foods, depending on what I feel like.
  • I’ve felt awful at night when I eat anything containing gluten – which has me toying with the idea that I may have a gluten intolerance I never realized. I have more than a handful of the symptoms. It is also possible that I’m having a hard time digesting the increased amount of raw foods and it catches up with me at night. Not sure yet. I do know that gluten intolerances are very common and not usually diagnosed, so the possibility that I am intolerant wouldn’t be a surprise.
  • I have more energy and am sleeping better.
  • My skin (while dry from the chilly weather here in Central Florida), is looking clearer to me.
  • Digestive system is working like a well-oiled machine.
  • I feel more balanced.

I’ll be sure to share my final thoughts on the book once I finish it. I’ll revisit my halfway thoughts and give you an update! Based on my learnings from this book, I have big plans for March that I will share with you when they are finalized.

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Flood by Design

floodLast Monday night I came home very late after work and noticed that Evan had moved his entire rolling rack of clothes to the center of our closet (aka our 3rd bedroom). He was already asleep so I couldn’t ask him what was up. After standing in the room looking around for the reason he had to move his clothes, I saw this:

A piece of our ceiling had come down. I thought this was odd but it was well after midnight, so I headed to bed and figured we’d call our landlord in the morning.

The kitchen floor was completely soaked and as we walked around on our carpet we noticed it was starting to saturate as well. We called our landlord immediately and he was over within an hour. In the meantime we were laying down towels and buckets trying to control the situation.

For 24 hours we thought that water had collected on the roof as a result of too many leaves. Our landlord took care of the leaves and we waited for the water to come through the house and then stop dripping. When the water didn’t stop and we’d collected at least 100 gallons between buckets, the wet vac and dehumidifier, we knew it there had to be a different answer.

Our landlord went into our attic for a second look around and found a pipe with a pin-size hole in it. He shut off our main water supply and the dripping stopped. Our house was still completely soaked through.

The plumber arrived early the next morning and fixed the hot water pipe that had a hole in it. While he was up there he found 2 cold water pipes with holes as well. The culprit? A mouse chewed through the pipes searching for water.

The pipes were fixed and the water stopped flowing. However, we are left with stained carpets.

The baseboards along this wall have also pulled away from the wall a bit too. There is a good amount of staining on the carpet here too.


Once our landlord had gotten the water flow under control, he had to go out of town for a week. During that time our house has dried out and we’re anxious for everything to be fixed so we can return our house to normal.

We are hoping we do not have to move, but we are definitely on the lookout for a new place, just in case there is more damage to our house than we can see. We’re most worried about mold when the summer (humid) months hit. We love our house, our location, and our close proximity to the downtown area of where we live and do not want to give that up. We will see what happens in the next few weeks, I suppose.

We are SO thankful we do not own this home and actually have the option of moving if we have to. It could have been much worse, but it is a week of my life that I do not wish to relive.

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Running in Vibrams – Half Marathon

Hi hi! I’ve been so excited to share my half marathon recap and tell you all about running in my Vibram FiveFingers. I’ll get right to it!

First off, I couldn’t wait to not only run my first half marathon.vibram

I woke up around at 3:15 AM on Sunday morning to make our way to the Epcot parking lot, then walk 25 minutes to the starting line. Along the way I accidentally drove through a red light (we slept 3 hours – whoops), used a disgusting port-a-potty and met up wonderful friends in our corral.

Waiting in our corrals for the race to start went by much faster than I thought it would. Once the fireworks went off, we were quickly on our way! Ashley and I started by running the first 10 minutes or so. After that, we committed to maintaining the Galloway method by running for 3 minutes and then walking for 1 minute so I wouldn’t burn out at the end. I’m so thankful to Lindsey for sharing that this method worked for her in her first half marathon. I truly believe it made the race for us.

The 3 minutes would fly by, followed by my Garmin beeping to let us know it was time to walk for 1 minute. I had so much energy the entire time and a huge smile on my face the whole way.

Around mile 5 we spotted all of our lululemon friends! I love them so much for getting up so stinking early to come cheer us on. We saw them again between miles 6 and 7.

I wore a lululemon Cool Racerback, Flow Y bra, Run: Tracker shorts, and Run: Flight Bonnet, Zensah sleeves, a SpiBelt and Vibram FiveFingers. Everything performed so so well. Absolutely no chafing, discomfort or blisters.

I never got tired and I never felt like I wanted to stop moving. We negative split the race, running the second half faster than the first. I wanted to finish under 3 hours and couldn’t believe I had so much energy at the end to run straight through the last 1.5 miles and achieve this. I probably could have kept going well past the finish line.

We crossed the finish line in 2:58.36 and I was definitely caught off guard by how quickly the race ended, how great I felt, and then how quickly my muscles started shaking once I stopped running.

We meandered our way back to my car and caught up with Abby before heading to find some brunch.

Overall, I think I’m still in disbelief that I loved running this distance so much. This race was so much fun and completing it has me inspired and motivated to run more races and even longer distances.

Running in Vibrams

I’ve moved on from my Sprint model to the Bikila because of the extra tread at the bottoms of the Bikila, but I haven’t worn a normal running shoe in over 7 months.

I love these shoes. They make walking fun and they make running even more fun. I feel connected to the ground with every step I take. They make me feel child-like even. Controlling my pro-nation is easier in these and the knee aches I used to get after a run have completely gone away. I’ve developed the necessary muscles that make my legs move forward and backward the way they should.

The road to implementing these as my one and only shoe for running longer distances took place over a long period of time. I started by taking short walks in them. Then I wore them to work for 2 hours at a time. Then 4 hours. Then 6. Then a full shift. Then I’d run for 30 seconds during a long walk. Then 1 minute. Then 3 minutes. Then 5. Then a half mile, 1 mile, 1.1, 1.2. 1.3, etc… You get the point.

I took it very very very slow. I never wanted to depend on a supported running shoe again and I knew that I had to take it slow in order to accomplish this. Still, I had my doubts on how far they could take me.

The icing on the cake to this race was doing what I:

Wasn’t sure I could do without injury, and, was told I couldn’t or shouldn’t do. Others were concerned I would injure myself by running such a long distance with no support in my shoes. I knew I could do the distance in my Vibrams, but I wasn’t convinced I could do it without getting injured because my training didn’t go as planned.

My training wasn’t perfect. Working full time and finishing my last semester of full time graduate school left me little time to train. The longest distance I completed was 7 miles and before this race I hadn’t run in 3 weeks. I was depending on the fact that I’d been wearing these shoes for over 7 months, and considered every hour I walked in them at work as part of my training. I think the Galloway method really helped me not burnout too.

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this little training before a half marathon, I do think it is a testament to how natural running “barefoot” is once your body adjusts to the switch from supported running shoes. Sure, I was stiff following the race and a bit sore the next day, but I was still able to do part of a yoga class the day after, and my soreness subsided entirely after 3 days. I’ve had yoga classes make me sore for longer periods than this.

I highly recommend these shoes if you’re looking to run in a more natural way, build the arches in your feet and the muscles in your entire body (especially calves). These shoes changed my running: how I run and how I feel about running. If you decide to check them out, heed my warning, but don’t let it stop you: take it slow.

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